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Find your Zen & Restore with

Fabiana Vidal

"I believe in the benefits of integrating complementary therapies to traditional Western medicine in a holistic approach. Optimizing health, treating the person as a whole with mind-body and energy techniques enhancing health & healing.

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Fabiana Vidal is from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Social Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

In 1996 she traveled to Los Angeles, CA to study english and visit friends. That was the turning point in Fabiana’s life purpose. In 1999 she got certified in massage therapy at IPSB Institute of Psycho-Structural Balance, Los Angeles.


She has been a skillful massage therapist since, specialized in many techniques and modalities including, swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral, oncology and medical massage, Reiki and crystals therapy, clinical aromatherapy, among others. 


Fabiana has always been interested in continuing education, leading her into becoming more knowledgeable and skilled in complementary therapies. Her own self-care practices gave her the tools to teach and support her clients on their own healing journey, and that lead her to Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.


Fabiana works at Torrance Memorial Hospital since 2012, she started as outpatient massage therapist, and since 2018 she has implemented Integrative Therapy services, providing care for oncology patients as a pilot, now she coordinates the Integrative Health & Wellness Program, providing patient care and nurse education.


She also worked for many years at a local Chiropractic Integrative Health Clinic teaching Restorative Zen Yoga, her signature class. At Palos Verdes Beach & Athletic Club she is the  Senior massage therapist since 2000. In addition Fabiana has a private practice in the South Bay area as a Holistic Integrative Massage Therapist since 1999.


The Integrative Holistic Program became Fabiana's passion guiding her to share its benefits, teaching workshops at local yoga studios and wellness centers educating her clients, patients and community. Restorative Zen Yoga became her signature class in the South Bay area since 2015.


Fabiana’s work has been described by her instructors, students and clients as, skillful, loving, compassionate, peaceful, present, passionate, devoted, authentic, intelligent, deep and caring.

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Integrative Health Education


       Institute of Psych-Structural Balancing- IPSB, Los Angeles, 

        -Human Energy Systems (2000)   

        -Acupressure, (2000) 

        -Reflexology (2000) 

        -Craniosacral Unwinding I-II  (2011)

        -Oncology Massage (2012)


        -Aromatherapy Basics (2020) 

        -Clinical Aromatherapy (2021), University of Minnesota

        -Aromatherapy in Cancer Care (2021), American College of Health Sciences, ACHS

        -Beyond the Bottle- Essential Oils (2021), Tisserant Institute

        -Everyday Essential Oils (2021) Daiane Alanis, Brazil

        -Inspire: Aromatherapy Teacher Training (2022)

          The School for Aromatic Studies by Jade Shutes




      - Reiki I- Redondo Beach, CA (2000)

       -Reiki I-II- Janinne Herrlein, Brazil (2013)

       -Reiki I-II & Advanced Usui System, Eleonore Koury, LA, CA​ (2014)

      - Reiki Master-Janinne Herrlein, Brazil (2020)


       Donna Karan Foundation & IPSB/Life Energy Institute


       -Yoga Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki I, Nutrition, & Contemplative Care Education.

       -Level I- Self and Family Care, YogaWorks, South Bay, CA (2013)

      - Level I-II- Clinical Rotation, YogaWorks, Playa Vista, CA (2017)

      - 50hr - Clinical Rotation UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital- Surgical Unit




     -Restorative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (2015) 

       Yapana Way by Leeann Carey, Redondo Beach, CA

     -Jillian Pransky Restorative Yoga

      Teacher Training Levels I-II

      YogaWorks, Santa Monica, CA (2015)

      -DOM Yoga & Art School By Luciana Brites

        Hatha Yoga (2020)


      -Restorative Yoga- Teaching with Minimal Props 

        Jillian Pransky (2020)

  • Bachelor of Art in Social Science, (1996)

       Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • Registered Nurse, RN A.S. (First year, 2006)

       El Camino College, Manhattan Beach, CA

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